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■ Securely carries the Hooligan Tool, Ram and Bolt Cutter

■ Design allows for the tools to be carried at the ready under two large retention flaps

■ Constructed of 1000 denier nylon

■ Fully adjustable shoulder, waist and under the leg straps

Bolt Cutter

■ Specifically heat treated cutting edges finest available anywhere

■ For use on security chains, chain link fences and non-case hardened locks

■ Handles electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC


■ Ideal for use on light exterior and most interior doors

■ Oversized control-flex handle system reduces impact stress and allows breachers to position themselves in a safer zone even in cramped breaching situations

■ Non-sparking and electrically non conductive to 100,000 volts AC

Hooligan Tool

■ Heat-treated, stainless steel working ends

■ Wedge features the newly redesigned tempered stainless steel wedge with counter angled friction ridge

■ Counter-angled friction ridges also provide stability during breaching operations and prevent tool slippage

■ Glass-busting head perfect for break-n-rake operations

■ Handles will not absorb glass shards, are electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC and self-extinguishing

■ Safety-guard handgrips reduce the possibility of the operator’s hands slipping onto the working ends of the bar

    For over 160 years, BCB International has built up unique knowledge and expertise in developing life-saving and protective equipment for those operating hundreds and thousands of miles away, often in challenging environments.


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