Kastell Pro Aqua Plate Carrier

A novel plate carrier made from FR and quick drying materials. Ideal for operatives whose missions include beach landings, river crossings and vessel boardings.

Available in the following colours: MTP, Black, Coyote

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  • Tested and passed burning mannequin test (ISO 13506:2008)
  • 550 Decitex (500 denier)
  • Weight = 3.28kg (inc belt,groin and coccyx protectors) without = 2.17kg
  • Designed to receive NATO standard ‘stand alone’ Level IV armour plates.
  • One size fits most.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Equipped with a quad quick release system. Ideal when emergency medical treatment and tactical extraction are required. The quad quick release system can be activated in 5 seconds and clipped back together in 20 seconds. Release system is in service with US Army.
  • Extra padding on the shoulders for greater comfort during prolonged patrols/missions.
  • Two grab handles on the back for a quick emergency extraction.
  • Cable management on right and left sides (including shoulders).
  • Laser cut MOLLE finish.
  • Unlike standard MOLLE webbing, the patented MOLLE apertures minimise disruption to the camouflage pattern and render the textile more breathable, cooler and allow quicker draining of water (ideal for river crossings and vessel boardings).
  • Modular cummerbunds have adjustment T Bars that can move the cummerbund onto the next molle strap.
  • Can be supplied with removable level IIIA soft armour groin, coccyx, shoulder and neck protectors.
  • Removable tactical belt.
  • Waterproof interior liner on front and back.
  • Special configuration of comfort spacer pads designed to  maximize air flow and moisture management.


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