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Fully professional, affordable, 3D camouflage net system that is both compactable and strong. It has reversible colour combinations for added concealment and is designed to break up your outline, disrupt your landscape and disguise objects (when you need to be discreet). The sniper suit is non-toxic and friendly to the environment.

The system offered is a complete and ready to wear Ghillie suit comprising of a hood, long jacket and trousers, all in 3D disruptive woodland camo netting.

■ Built in a comfortable, bug-proof netting, which is hand-washable.

■ Made from durable lightweight polyester fabrics

■ Rot and mould proof

■ Fire resistant

■ 3D leaf-like foliage

■ Quiet and rustle-free

■ Pre-made, no assembly required

■ Chest sizes: M/L 95-110cm (38-44”), or XL/XXL 115-130cm (46-52”)

Please note: Due to our continual product development, we reserve the right to alter or amend this product from what is shown, without prior notice.

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