Product Description

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  • NATO issue – lightweight – infra red reflective
  • 3D helps break up the objects outline, and reduces signature
  • Excellent colour fastness to U.V. water and abrasion resistance
  • Made to UK MoD specifications
  • Strong, durable and extremely robust
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions from -40 deg C to +70 dec C.  Remains pliable in extreme temperature ranges
  • U.V. treated, mould and rot resistant
  • Non toxic. lightweight, waterproof garnish
  • Quiet, rustle free and matt anti-reflective printing
  • Reduces the thermal signature of hot objects

Sizes: 7.5 mtr x 7.5 mtr (NET108-99-1321199  UKSC6339)

11.5 mtr x 5.5 mtr (NET108-99-1321200  UKSC6339)

16 mtr x 16 mtr (NET108-99-869-5629)