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The AL50NS Silent Launcher can deploy a
climbing line and hook without making the
explosive noise that is normally emitted by
air powered devices. Designed for covert
operations, it is particularly useful in urban
environments and in mountainous regions
where echoing noise attracts attention.
It can also be used by swimmers as it is
submersible to a depth of 30 metres and can
withstand immersion in seawater.
■ 50mm calibre. 2kJ muzzle energy
■ Variable firing pressure up to 120 bar
■ Weight 7.2 kilos (15.8 lbs)
■ Length of launcher 53cm (20.8”)
■ 200c or 500cc bottle options
■ 4 firings from 500cc bottle
■ Made from anodised aluminium and
stainless steel
■ Resistant to immersion in seawater
Range varies according to elevation, type
of grapnel used, firing pressure and the
diameter of rope. Typical values are:

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