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The AL35 is a 35mm compact launcher
that is suitable for throwing pilot lines to
enable the pulling of heavy ropes. Ideal for
throwing lines from ship to ship or ship to
shore it has a horizontal range of 110 metres
with a 5mm pilot line or 150 metres with a
3mm line. The unit can be fired 3 times from
the integral rechargeable air cylinder.
■ 35mm calibre. 1.6kJ muzzle energy
■ Firing pressure can be set from 10 bar up
to 160 bar.
■ Range up to 150 metres with 0.3cm (0.1”) line
■ Weight with air bottle is 3.2kgs (7 lbs)
■ Construction
■ Constructed from aluminium and
stainless steel
■ Aluminium components are hard anodised
This unit is suitable for marine operations
and can be fully immersed in seawater
without detriment to its operating life

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