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BCB International Ltd has unveiled its Kastell Pro® quick release plate carrier vest for Police and SWAT teams.

Made from high quality materials, this innovative vest is equipped with an integrated quick release system which can be activated in less than five seconds and re-assembled in less than 20 seconds.

Kastell Pro® Project Manager, Philippe Minchin said: “The Kastell Pro  is designed for Law enforcement professionals  and security teams who  are the first to respond to a call where the use of firearms has been reported or is suspected.

“We developed the Kastell Pro with the input of active and former elite security team operatives.   This has resulted in some creative features which will maximize the end user’s comfort and movement.  The Kastell Pro has a novel waist adjustment system and a height positioning system on the back  armour plate pocket to offer a better firing position to armed officers.”

“The plate carrier also comes with removable  protectors for the neck, shoulders, groin and coccyx.   These enable officers to scale up the level of personal protection in line with the risks they face.”