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When you are faced with an advancing fire;  time is short but

with the right tools you can survive.

Drawing on its  160 years’ experience of manufacturing and

supplying lifesaving equipment for extreme conditions,

BCB International Ltd has developed a Fire evacuation kit.

Packed in a portable case, the items are designed to

help people in a burning building be seen, be heard and get to safety.

Kit contents:

  1. Portable fire escape mask .
  2.  5-in-1 muti-function safety hammer (equipped with LED Flashlight, red warning lights ,Strap cutter and powerful magnet)
  3.  Life rope
  4. Fire blanket   1m x 1m
  5. Fire extinguisher (optional extra)
  6. Fire Safety Instructions

       Kit dimensions :34.5 x 33 x 13cm

       Weight: 3.56 kgs

If you decide that the kit will aid your tenants in the event of a fire in your premises,  contact us on +44 (0)2920 433700 or e-mail: for further information.