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“In regards to utilizing the products I enjoyed all three of them. The key highlights that I liked right off the bat were the advertised UV protection, sweat resistance and the reduction of IR signature. I’ve never seen any camouflage face paint products advertise that so I don’t even know if the other products even have those capabilities, so a big plus in my book on that.
– three color compacts: I really liked the large size mirror inside the compact. This aids an individual infantryman in more ways than just using it to apply face paint. This mirror was large enough to get a full view on ones face while applying the make up. Most compacts come with a tinny slit mirror or a shinny reflective piece of tape that you can hardly see anything in. An Individual infantryman would normally would have a mirror on him for personal hygiene purposes, applying face paint, or signaling aircraft in emergency situations. This mirror is big enough to eliminate the need for an additional mirror and is protected within the compact kit. As far as the paint I thought it applied smoothly and thick. I found that the colors contained inside the kit (Green, brown, black) were adequate for spring/summer woodland environments. Additionally I found the winter/fall kit to be very good for a autumn/winter woodland environment. Perhaps the addition of a desert kit may come in handy (if there isn’t one already), I would suggest the three colors for that be brown, tan and loam. Very big plus on this product! If I had to choose between the three, I would definitely take this product over the others because ofthe necessity/convenience of the mirror inside.
– split sticks: This was my first time ever using this type of split stick application. I gotta say I found it very useful and was the easiest and most efficient way to apply the camouflage face paint. I think anyone who’s pressed for time (i.e. generally infantryman in a hurry to apply paint in preparation for leaving the wire, will appreciate its quick application). No complaints on this product, A+. I’ve used solid color sticks that have two different colors on each side, this absolutely speeds up the process by having them side by side.
– individual color squeezable tubes. These have traditionally been my favorite way to apply camouflage face paint due to how quickly and adequately one can cover a face in the shortest amount of time. My only suggestion on this application is that the tube I had that was marked “Tan” was more of a gray in color. I would definitely change the name of that tube to gray and develop a lighter brown/tan color (if one hasn’t already been developed yet) for the desert or winter/autumn environments. The addition of a loam color was be excellent as well.
All three products held up well and did not have excessive run off against my sweat from moving throughout the woods while filming videos with moderate physical exertion. Overall I was very impressed with your products and again am very thankful for you guys providing them to me. I will continue to use them throughout the filming of my camouflage videos.