What we do

Since its creation in 1854, BCB International has been developing pioneering innovations that have helped generations of armed forces personnel, seafarers, aid workers and adventurers operate and survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.

Who are we

In 1854 Doctor Brown developed a cough medicine which he called “Dr. Brown’s Cough Bottle”. When in 1914 his thriving company was registered as a limited liability company, he named it B.C.B. Limited.
We like to work and develop new unique products, within our core competency. As such, we work closely with Special Forces Units throughout the world; explorers who venture to the extremes and future soldier programmes.

We partner with Universities and Colleges of further education to enhance our design capability. This design, as long as we believe in the product, we normally undertake free of charge.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to existing products please contact us.

Our Cardiff headquarters is approximately 30,000 sq.ft/2,787 sq.m

We have expertise in the following:

Sewn Products | Light Engineering | Food Preparation | Creams, Powder, Liquid Formulation & Production | Kit Packaging

BCB is a trading name of BCB International Limited, registerd in the UK.

Company Reg. No. 1442485 | Registered Office: Clydesmuir Road, Cardiff, UK, CF24 2QS.